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Custom Designs

Most people thinking about getting a tattoo will have an idea in their head of what they are looking for. However finding the perfect design for you can be tricky and even if you find one on the internet or in a flash book, why would you want something that may have been tattooed a hundred times already?!

At New Hope Tattoo, we are a bespoke custom studio. Meaning we will work closely with you to design a tattoo that brings that idea in your head to life!

Generally before starting a custom design we will recommend you pop into the studio for a relaxed, no obligation consultation. Here we will discuss your idea’s and look at any reference pictures you may have found (Often we will make suggestions and offer our own creative input!) Once we are clear what you are looking for we can set a date for your tattoo and go about drawing you design for you!

Most people will be happy to see the finished designs on the day of the tattoo, however if you would like to see it before hand we aim to get all designs finished within 24 hours prior to your appointment, and invite clients to come back into the studio to review and make any last minute changes to the designs!

Below you can see just a few examples of custom designs we have done in the past. Each image displays the initial design, and then the completed tattoo!


Custom Designs

For any questions or to organise a consultation please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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