About the Artist: Laura Ann

I was lucky enough to step foot in the tattoo industry when I turned 19. I’ve always strived for a career where I can use my creativity and wild imagination.  I studied very hard throughout school and college in my one and only favourite subject, art, and managed to leave with A*s.

I briefly started a foundation course in fine art, but soon left when I managed to get an apprenticeship in my dream job.
I spent a good year learning about all aspects of the industry, whilst doing body piercing on the side. I was then able to further my knowledge in another amazing studio where I took on all types of tattooing.

Having worked with many talented artists, i’ve learn’t more than I ever could imagine. I’m so grateful for every person that gave me guidance, in order to be where I am today.

Though I have fun taking on all types. I have also worked five conventions in the UK, which helped me gain even more experience in the industry, whilst meeting other artists, and of course having fun!

Over the years, I have gained experience in a few studios, and was able to develop my skills to find my own style of tattooing.

I particularly enjoy portraits, flowers, and anything quirky, often with the darker subject matter.

Early 2017, I took three months off to travel the world, which helped me to gain inspiration. I hope to work abroad in the future. When I returned, I very much enjoyed getting back into the swing of things, but also striving to learn more each and every day. It’s been so nice to pick up a brush again, and learn how to paint with oils. I can also bring some of the methods learn’t into my tattooing.

Having done a week guest spot last year with the outstandingly talented guys, and working in their beautiful studio, it’s fair to say I am SO excited to be joining the team. I look forwards to working alongside these cool bunch of girls, and the legend, Chris! I can’t wait to get get stuck into some projects, and see what beautiful artwork we make in in the future!

Please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at lauraann@newhopetattoo.co.uk

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Instagram: @lauranntattoo

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