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Post Healing Guarantee & After Care

At New Hope Tattoo, we aim to deliver the highest quality of tattoos, this extends not just to the design/tattoo, but post healing as well. 90% of tattoo’s will heal just the way they are supposed to, however it is possible for a new tattoo to loose ink during the healing process.

The average person may not even notice this, however we want to ensure that every tattoo meets our high professional standards.

For this reason we invite EVERY client to return to the studio after the healing process is complete and will book an appointment with you 4 weeks after the tattoo is done for a very short review to ensure it looks absolutely perfect (90% of the time this will just involve a quick double check, a cup of tea and a catch up!)

After Care

  • Your tattoo artist will cover your tattoo with cling film. This is to stop dirt, germs and air coming into contact with your new tattoo. You should keep the tattoo covered with cling film until the next morning. If you want to remove the cling film and have a bath /shower/wash, this is fine, but you should apply a new piece of cling film afterwards. Ideally, you should keep the initial cling film on until the next day
  • When you remove the cling film the tattoo will appear to be “slimy” in appearance. Gently wash the area with warm water and an antibacterial soap, and pat the area dry with a clean towel. You then need to use a healing cream to protect your tattoo. This should be applied two or three times a day. The best aftercare cream is Bepanthen (which can be purchased from any chemist or supermarket) as this mineralises scabbing of the tattoo. Other aftercare products specially formulated for the healing of tattoo’s are also fine to use. Vaseline and harmful astringents and antiseptics such as TCP, Dettol and perfumed lotions should be avoided. Sudocreme is also inadvisable
  • Your tattoo will soon begin to dry out and a scab will form. Ideally, the scabbing needs to be kept minimal. If the scabs are damaged your tattoo will lose pigment and may scar. It is very important if scabs form they are left to fall off on their own (NO picking/scratching) Bepanthen will keep scabbing minimal and may prevent scabs forming at all, depending on your immune system
  • Do not soak your tattoo for a prolonged period of time. After bathing pat the area dry or allow to air dry. Rubbing and picking the tattoo will not only ruin the design, it will also scar your skin
  • Avoid exposing your tattoo to sun or sun-beds whilst it is healing
  • Be aware that tattoo’s can become infected. Aviod getting anything dirty on your tattoo while it is healing. Pets can cover your tattoo in hair, saliva etc so ensure your new tattoo is covered before handling any animals. If your tattoo does become dirty, wash it immediately with antibacterial soap, pat dry and apply the aftercare cream
  • A tattoo can take 1-2 months to completely heal. Although the scabbing will disappear (with proper aftercare) within a couple of weeks, the tattoo may still appear slightly faint, or the skin may appear shiny and taut for up to a month after. Keep applying your aftercare cream at least twice a day until the skin has fully healed


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