Chris Hatch Tattoo Artist

About the Artist: Chris Hatch

With a background in Illustration even before he realised his ambition of becoming a tattoo artist, Chris has a wealth of experience and an uncanny ability to get inside your head and bring your ideas to life! Chris Loves to work on bold designs but has the ability to turn his hand to any style of tattoo you are looking for!

Chris studied art and design right through GCSE’s, Alevel, college and university, culminating in a BA (hons) in Illustration. Before he finally realised his ambition of working as a tattooist he worked as a freelance illustrator drawing for a number of children’s books, online comic books and brief spell in post production. 

Seven years ago Chris finally bribed the right people and got his foot in the door of the tattooing world in the form of his Tattooing Apprenticeship. During his time as an apprentice he worked tirelessly every day gaining the experience and knowledge to ensure not just the quality of work, but to guarantee the health and safety that every client deserves.

After finishing his apprenticeship Chris has had the privilege to work with some of the best artists in the world in some of London’s top studios, As well as doing guest spots and working tattoo conventions all over the country. He has worked hard developing his skills and yet maintaining his own unique style. He feels incredibly lucky and humbled to be working in the industry he loves and respects.

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