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A manual technique of eyebrow tattooing to give the appearance of natural hair strokes to create fuller, more defined brows.
This treatment requires a 4-6 week top up (Included in the price.) and can last up to 12-18 months.

Eyebrows frame our face and we are all looking for a way to achieve the perfect brow! If maybe your eyebrows are fine, fair, sparse, over-plucked or you just want a thicker, fuller look then microblading is a brilliant natural looking way to enhance the appearance of our eyebrows.

Microblading uses a special hand tool to essentially tattoo individual hair strokes, one by one, to create the effect of real eyebrow hair. The tool is tipped with tiny needles that inject the upper layers of the skin with pigment.

During the consultation you will be asked to fill out your medical information, any medications or beauty treatments you might use. You can ask our technician all your pressing questions and discuss the overall look you what to achieve.

Treatments at a glance:

  • The procedure time is approximately 2 ½ hours
  • A topical anaesthetic will be used to help with any discomfort
  • The brow design is created with your input throughout before any microblading takes place
  • You may have slight sensitivity for 1-2 days
  • The treatment is divided into two sessions, the initial treatment session and a top up 4-6 weeks later
  • You will be given an aftercare sheet to help with looking after your new brows
  • Results are immediate, but the entire healing process will take about 30 days in which there are various stages to your brows
  • Providing you follow the aftercare you can expect your brows to last between 12-18 months
  • Results vary from person to person


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