Laurel Cummins Junior Tattoo Artist

Junior tattoo Artist: Laurel Cummins

New Hope Tattoo are pleased to introduce our new junior tattoo artist Laurel Cummins! Laurel joined New Hope Tattoo in Early March 2015. Having completed the better part of an apprenticeship at another fantastic studio, Laurel was looking for the next step/challenge in her career. With Laurel’s bubbly, positive and driven attitude, her ridiculous amount of talent (and not a small amount of badgering! 😉 Laurel quickly won us over and we offered her the roll of Junior artist.

Currently in the latter stages of her apprenticeship, but not quite yet a fully qualified artist, Laurel is currently taking clients for smaller one off pieces and her tattooing is currently offered at a reduced rate while she further develops her experience and abilities (however this will not last for long so make the most of it!

We are so pleased to have Laurel as part of the team and our enjoying seeing her blossom! – please take your time to check out her tattoos and designs and feel free to email/call for any enquiries with Laurel! 🙂

Here are a few words from the lady herself!

Hello! My name is Laurel!

From the age of 15 I knew tattooing was what I wanted to do with (people even wrote about it on my leavers shirt!- pretty crazy actually looking back!) With this in mind I worked hard through my GCSE’s, A levels and eventually culminating in an art foundation in art and design at farnham university!

Knowing becoming a tattooist was my ultimate goal, I turned down the opportunity of university in pursuit of my career. I  got myself a Saturday job in a successful busy studio, interacting with customers and learning the basics of how a studio ran. Eventually i found a full Tattoo Apprenticeship in another busy walk in studio, where I learnt all the basics of health and safety and the responsibility a tattooist has for their customers. I also began my journey on the skill of tattooing!

I now feel like I have hit the jackpot with working for Ink Pot Tattoo! It is a beautiful little studio, with just the right balance of professionalism and a warm friendly atmosphere! Chris has made me feel so welcome and i am so excited to see how my work progresses under his amazing tutelage.

Though my main love lies with traditional tattoos, I appreciate and admire all aspects of designs & tattoo styles. (To be honest I am just over the moon to be tattooing every day!) 🙂

Click here to contact Laurel directly for all enquires/bookings.

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