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Long and flirty lashes are what many of us desire, especially if we have sparse, short, barely-there eyelashes. Lash extensions are an excellent way to enhance your lashes and save time on applying mascara.

Depending on the type of eyelashes you want the results will be natural looking and you’ll look refreshed and awake with the extensions opening your eyes.
During the consultation our technician will discuss the look desire and the best way to achieve this. An adhesive patch test is required for this treatment which will take place at your consultation.

Here are the different types of eyelash extensions we offer:

Russian Volume Extensions

Volume lashes involves extremely thin lash fans being applied to each natural lash. Fans are made with 2-8 lash extensions creating a 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D or 8D effect. This technique is perfect for those with sparse lashes or those wanting a more dramatic final look.

Individual Lash Extensions

A fine lash extension is expertly applied to each natural lash using a specialist semi-permanent lash adhesive. This treatment will create a natural effect of fuller and longer lashes.

Lash Lift & Tint

This treatment enhances the natural lashes by creating the effect of longer, lifted lashes. Lasts unto 6 weeks.


Treatment at a glance:

  • The procedure time is between 2-4 hours depending on the type of extension you require
  • Gel pads are applied to your lower lashes and your eyes will be closed throughout the treatment
  • Individual lash extensions or Russian volume fans will be applied with lash adhesive to each individual natural eyelash
  • It is possible your eyes may water slightly after the treatment
  • You will be given an aftercare sheet to help you look after your new luscious lashes
  • Results are immediate and can last for up to five weeks. To maintain your beautiful full lashes infills are required every 2-4 weeks


To discuss a treatment or book a free consultation contact Donna on 07977 264 692 or


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